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The Importance of 3 P’s For Perfect Assignment Writing

When sitting down to write an assignment, nothing feels so important as, well frankly, any number of things. The topic is important, the requirements set out by the teacher are all important, as are the research work that will be conducted, and the writing out of the work, the editing of the first draft to make it better, and then the second, maybe even the third draft… wait! There are the spellings and punctuation that must be checked also…

With so many things, all scattered of the coursework writing process that must be completed, it is no wonder that the student doing the actual writing, will get very confused. , writing is not, after all, a very difficult task, at least not as difficult as most people make it out to be. In fact, there are just three ‘Ps’ that students need to watch out for. They include Planning, Presentation and Perfection. Here is how they work:

  • Planning

Planning out an assignment is not exactly the simplest of tasks. However, there is one way in which it can be made to work for a student. The first stage of the writing process, this will include the drafts that the student in question must write in order to ensure that the remaining task becomes easier for them.

The best way that a student can plan their work is to begin jotting down all the ideas that come to their mind. It does not matter what ideas come into the mind of the writer or even the order that they are written down in. Some of the best, professional writers even say that they jot down the most irrelevant of ideas that come to them during the initial planning process.

Once the entire project has been planned, then the student can begin to prune the ideas, keeping only those that are relevant and discarding those that do not tie in with the task at hand. Once the student is through with the pruning, it is time to put all the ideas into the sequence in which they must appear on paper. Here it would be very helpful to constantly check back the question topic and then gauge the relevancy of each idea that has been jotted down.

  • Presentation

Once the planning has been done, the student has, essentially covered the most important part of the work. All that remains is to write it down, and while this in itself, can become a very difficult task to complete, it is not quite as difficult as it may actually seem. The hardest part is usually the introduction, so even the best coursework writers leave it till the very end. Work on the rest of the project, and just begin writing, then no matter how good or bad it might be. The work can be improved upon in the editing phase.

  • Perfection

This is the part where the student has to finally edit and perfect all the work. First off, take a break from the task and refresh yourself, then get back to editing. Checking for spellings, grammar, punctuation and sentence structure. If some part of the work feels a little off, rephrase it! Read through the entire work once before handing it in.


The task, in entirety, can become too much, so it’s okay to request for help. You can always contact us at British Coursework Writers for further aid.