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Spice Up Your Academic Life With These 5 Non-Conventional Ways

Academic life is not just about academic writing alone although many people, both teachers and students included will definitely try and make you think so. If that is indeed the case, there is only one advice that just about any sensible person can give you: do not listen to them.

Thinking About The Future

In professional life, the fact that you managed to complete all your coursework on time actually counts for very little. What is a lot more important is what you have learnt from completing that coursework. So, just as those clichéd articles suggest you spice up your love life, here are five conventional ways to liven up your academic life so that you are able to benefit from it even more! Here’s how:

  • Try Reading In The Bathtub

We all know of the ‘therapeutic’ effects of soaking in the bathtub or reading a good book as you get yourself squeaky clean. This time though, try working up a lather with your course book in hand instead of a story book. You’d be surprised at how, as the water washes against your body, how calm and relaxed you get, and how much of your course material you manage to absorb and retain in your brain!

  • Listen To Some Audios When You Go Out For A Walk

Music and exercise have become almost synonymous with each other. Try something with a little twist this time though. Go for a walk, but on your iPod, instead of some music try listening to any one of the millions of teaching-audios available online that relate to your subject matter. It’s almost funny how much you manage to concentrate on your lecture when you are not forcing yourself to!

  • Indulge Yourself… Chocolate Tastes Great Though!

Studying almost constantly, even writing, can get very tiring so when you are really exhausted, it is time to take a break and relax for that essential ten minutes. Get yourself a snack and freshen up. This time though, forget healthy and just indulge yourself with your favourite treat!

  • Study In A Time, Place And Way Convenient To You

Different people tick in different ways. So if early morning, coffee shop dressed in your most elegant skirt are what work for you, do it. As you relax in your zone, it not only becomes easy to study, but also retain all the knowledge around you.

  • Learn To Look Around And Fall In Love With Your Surroundings

Here’s a Coelho trick: the universe can teach you lots of things also if you know how to study it right. Try just sitting and looking at the world around you. As you realise how beautiful life can get, let your coursework run through your mind. A lot of those problems that never seemed to make sense before will suddenly begin to sound completely easy and normal!

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