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Mobile Apps to Improve Your Academic IQ

Considering how this is the age of the Internet, it would be very surprising if mobile apps did not play a greater role in every aspect of our lives, including academics, as indeed they already do. Students today have educational, mobile apps for just about everything that they could possibly want including helping them to write out academic tasks assigned to them by their teachers, or help them while they are researching for a project. In fact, and this should definitely not come as a surprise, there are a number of apps that students can use to become smarter and improve their academic IQ levels also. In that case, there are five apps in particular that are not only fun to have on your phone, but that are easy to install and a great way for users to improve their IQ. They include:

Especially designed for those people who enjoy showing off their own skills and knowledge by reciting out fun facts at appropriate intervals, OWL is one app that can help users by delivering one single, fun and informative fact a day to users’ phones. There is no limit to the information that could be provided by the daily app, so while one day users may learn something interesting about an important political figure, it could be followed by a short lesson in music the next day. The app is available for download on the iOS APP Store.

Mark Twain once said that ‘travel liberalises an individual and helps him expand his natural instincts.’ That said, if globe-trotting is your thing, then this iOS app can definitely help you to learn more about the world simply by clicking on the various places showing up on the globe in your phone. Travel virtually and learn as you do!

Staying up-to-date with news and current events is just as important as anything else, but some people just do not have the time to be able to constantly stay abreast of news and other similar information. For students in particular, it becomes very difficult to juggle TV and news sites time along with the rest of their busy schedule. They need not despair. Flipboard, available for both Android and iOS helps users by letting them know all the latest news so they are no longer dependant on others to let them know what is happening in the world

Medical practitioners insist that there is nothing as great as learning a new language to help an individual stay smart. That is because learning a new language makes the individual constantly learn, a process that helps keep the brain in prime functioning order. Duolingo is available on the AppStore, Google Play and Windows Store for free.

British Coursework Writers have been helping students in the UK keep up with homework projects and coursework for over a decade now. We believe in having our clients not just get excellent results on written work, but also to stay smart individuals with well-rounded personalities. Using any one of these apps therefore, is a step in the right direction.