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How To Enjoy Academic Hassle Free Halloween

Come Halloween, sure you may be past the age of trick or treating, but that does not in any way signify that you should not get to enjoy the spirit of this particular holiday? What could be spookier than the end of October, Halloween night in particular, with witches flying off on their broomsticks to […]

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The Secret Behind Self-Motivation

Imagine life as it is for you these days: you get up in the morning, run off for classes, get back home before you grab a quick bite then head off to work or sit down with all the projects that all of your teachers have assigned you (or vice versa) before you finally get […]

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Best 5 Part-Time Jobs For Students

For most students working at a part time job is not just a fun activity that they would enjoy doing, rather, it is a necessity that must be undergone so that they are able to earn some basic money to be able to meet all their needs. Television will have you believe that waiting tables […]