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What is qualitative research? How to do it?

Qualitative research, when simply put, is the research that prefers survey sample of fewer individuals but focuses on conducting research on a deeper level. Qualitative research is research that does not come with concrete statistics. When you are not focused on generating numbers for your readers than you are aiming for qualitative research. Explanation; Qualitative […]

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Use These Summer Vacations to Develop Your Reading Habits

Summer is one of those times when, students, free from all the tensions and stress of regular classes, homework and planning, designing and completing projects all due for submissions within a certain deadline, can actually work on any number of self-improvement projects. One of the most important, as well as useful one of these is […]

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Easy To Implement Coursework Writing Tips

“Coursework” and how students dread to fare against them is simply showing the affiliation and negative connotations one can develop for a writing task that is both tiresome and needs a lot of effort. In order to break this monotony and perception regarding coursework being lengthy and tedious, this post will help you in mastering […]

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Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Analytical Skills

Have you ever wished that you were able to analyse a text or read a situation better? Ever faced problems dealing with academic analytical questions? Imagine this, an exam room, sitting down to write the answer to the first question in front of you and it starts in this way: “Analyse how you will…” There […]

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Six Useful Tips For Delivering An Academic Assignment Within Deadline

Your reputation as a student generally depends on two things, the quality of your work and delivering the work within deadlines. We agree that many students possess the skills of delivering exceptional quality which even surpasses the expectations of the evaluators, but lately it has been observed that many students are failing to turn their […]

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The Importance of 3 P’s For Perfect Assignment Writing

When sitting down to write an assignment, nothing feels so important as, well frankly, any number of things. The topic is important, the requirements set out by the teacher are all important, as are the research work that will be conducted, and the writing out of the work, the editing of the first draft to […]