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Best 5 Part-Time Jobs For Students

For most students working at a part time job is not just a fun activity that they would enjoy doing, rather, it is a necessity that must be undergone so that they are able to earn some basic money to be able to meet all their needs.

Television will have you believe that waiting tables in posh restaurants are the only jobs left available for college and University students. However, while baristas and waiters/ waitresses make excellent money, and these are, in fact, truly great and excellent choices for part time employment while you are still studying, it is not the only one.

Thinking More Out Of The Box

Here are five great ideas to choose from:

  • Teaching Assistant

While teaching fellows usually need to be at least graduate level students, teaching assistants do not responsibilities that are all that formal or extensive. Their tasks include all those easier duties such as handing out assignments or, when there are tests going on, then proctoring the same. The benefit is that it is an on-campus job so you save travelling time. You can contact some of your professors to ask about openings.

  • Become A Peer Tutor

If you are really good at any one of your subjects, how about hiring out your services as a peer tutor? The hours can be very flexible, in fact, you can even get to choose your own timings and then again, it is a great way to stay in touch with subject matter that you may have studied earlier. Ask subject professors about tutoring opportunities in their class or even advertise your own services online!

  • Tech Support Opportunities

This again, is both an on-campus job although you could look for tech support job opportunities outside the campus also. The way to do it is this. Go to the tech support department in your University. 24/7 tech support is usually offered round the clock to both teachers and students. Provided you are good with all that stuff, getting a job should not be difficult.

  • Working In The University Bookstore

Most universities prefer hiring their own students to work at departments such as their book store, so if you know your way around books, are a friendly person, good at making sales, what’s stopping you from applying here for a job? The best way to go about it is to actually go up to the bookshop or the administration block in your University and ask around for openings.

  • Babysitting Is Not All Bad

Babysitting would be an obvious choice for a part-time job and yet it must be mentioned here even ahead of seemingly better, more academic related options. Yes, you have the obvious choices as research assistant and all, but most students in college and university feel babysitting jobs to be beneath them. Don’t be like that. It is a well-paying job, so why not look for some extra employment by babysitting near your campus?

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