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A useful guide to writing an engaging essay

Just like great chefs have to develop the skill of adding an adequate amount of spices and herbs to make a dish mouth-watering; similarly, students have to hone their essay writing skills to keep the readers engaged. Writing an engaging essay requires the correct set of skills and the ability to create unique content.

About thousands of essays usually end up on the College admission desk, but only a few of them make it to the final list, why? This is because they have the skills to write content that can seize the reader’s attention and stand out among all the entries. Do you want your essay to have the same outcome? Well, you really need to raise the bar of your essay writing skills and offer something in your content that would set it apart from others.

The cycle of the essay writing process usually begins with the thought of doing exceptionally well with several ideas popping in mind, but as soon as you start translating those ideas onto the paper, you realise that it’s not an easy task.

Not all individuals are able to write well, and there are many reasons for this lack of aptitude. Some of them struggle to express their thoughts clearly, while others do not have any interest in writing. However, coursework writing service will equip you with all the required skills you need to have in order to write convincing essays. Scroll down and check them yourself! If you already have these skills, then it’s time to refine and polish them further!

Creative skills- Who wants to read boring facts, anyway?

Sparkle your content with a bit of creativity to make it more interesting! Having a creative mind is crucial for every writer. It’s not like every great writer is born with this feature, but they always look for ways and devise strategies to be more creative in writing.

That being said, creativity comes in different forms and always varies from one piece of literature to another. For example, in storytelling, writers usually make use of flashbacks or other strategies to make their content more engaging and interesting. In this way, they are able to grab the reader’s attention from the very beginning and keep them hooked.

Essay writing has a lot of room for creativity. You can use metaphors, allegorical sentences or phrases to make your content unique.

Stanley Fish said, “The skill of lining events, actions, and objects in a strict logic- is also the skill of creating a world.” In simpler words, you can create a whole imaginary world with the right set of sentences.

“No sentence can be effective if it contains facts alone. It must also contain emotion, image, logic, and promise.”-Eugene Schwartz.

Your essays don’t have to be swamped with words or irrelevant sentences. You just have to say the right things and fill up the blank with your imagination.

Critical thinking skills- exploring another side of the picture!

The ability to make judgments and analyse information to conclude is imperative for writers. While critical thinking may not be an innate feature for every individual, you need immense practice to be able to analyse information and think critically.

Critical thinking is not everyone’s cup of tea, especially when everyone prefers to follow the herd! In simple words, it’s easy to be biased or choose a popular opinion. For example, if most of the students think that vaccines harm children’s health, then you will feel the same just because the majority of them believe so..see? It’s that hard!

Being able to change your mind, exploring the other side of the picture, and then reflecting on it in your writing can be challenging! As A.E Mander said, “Thinking is skilled work. It is not true that we are naturally endowed with the ability to think clearly and logically- without learning how, or without practising!” If you get enough exposure to information and acquire the ability to analyse the facts rather than jumping onto the bandwagon, only then will you be able to write compelling content.

Research skills- to enrich your essay with new knowledge!

Almost every other essay requires you to do extensive research in order to make your content more informational. However, not every individual has the research skills to add quality content in their piece of writing. For that, you really need to have an eye for seeking relevant content and gathering quality information to include in your essay! With that being said, the process of gathering data not only includes surfing through different search engines but also to make sure if the collected content is legitimate or taken from authentic sources.

The ability to take criticism and improve

It’s the most important skill for every writer to embrace constructive criticism and implement it in their writing. This skill can help writers be more optimistic and take feedback positively rather than getting intimated by it. Essay writing requires you to develop this skill in order to work on your flaws and be more impactful. So, if you ever get to listen to harsh feedback from your professors, then don’t get demotivated. Instead, try to implement it into your writing and see a positive difference yourself.

The ability to follow through the essay guidelines

Writers should be able to write an essay according to the mentioned guidelines, structure and format. There are certain rules that have to be followed while writing essays—for example, using a correct outline, formatting style and usage of formal words and phrases. The trick is to use the same old structure and create something exceptionally great and unique.

Thus, whatever your essay assignment is, keep in mind that the best essays are the ones that seize the reader’s attention and offer something new to keep them engrossed. So, develop some strategies to acquire the skills mentioned above and create an engaging essay! Good luck and happy writing!

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