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5 Best Math Resources For 2020
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5 Best Math Resources For 2020


Mathematics is a difficult subject, yet some students enjoy the challenges it offers. Completing a math equation effortlessly gives them a sense of accomplishment. They feel the adrenaline rush kick in, and the serotonin level rise every time they successfully solve a sum.

However, there is still a large section of the student population that despises the existence of mathematics. Due to their lack of expertise and inability to comprehend complex theorems and geometrical formulas, they are made to feel insecure and incompetent in school.

Since mathematics is a compulsory subject in almost every academic domain, it becomes excruciatingly painful for them to score a high GPA as one course ruins it all for them.

The good news is that now several online tools can provide them with guidance and minor tutoring that they truly need. Most of the times, students are aware of the steps involved in solving a math equation, but they require some help to gain confidence in their abilities and aptitude.

This assistance can be attained by seeking UK coursework help or any other academic app or tool available online. Below is a list of resources that math students should benefit from in the year 2020.


We’re all aware of the relevance video games hold in everyday life of a school-going child. Hence, understanding the value, Arcademics has compiled a brilliant range of video games that vitally focuses on educational content, especially maths. It has three basic principles: students commit, find academic solutions and get an immediate response in case of a correction.

The highly engaging game-like riddles and puzzles are repeated to increase fluency and speed. Also, teachers instantly give feedback on how users can improve. The online tool offers several options to engage with the classmates and teachers on this application. From tournaments like Beat the Teacher to Student vs. Students, children get several opportunities to make learning fun.

2. Mathway

Mathway is an academic app available for all Apple users. It has attained the number one spot as the go-to math problem solver. Hence, you could be struggling with calculus, to arithmetic, or even algebra, this app can guide you like a light in the darkest of times. All you are required to do is type out the problem, and the app will give you an immediate answer.

Do you know what the best part about this app is? You can even take a picture of the problem and get a solution! You can get a detailed answer that shows every step to the solution or a direct answer as well. It is efficient and extremely easy to use. Since “capitalism rules” this app is to be subscribed, and the account will be charged for renewal in 24 hours. Thus, Mathway all your academic troubles!

3.Chalkboard Math

As a parent, it is a matter of concern when your toddler is always on the iPad. The upcoming generation is extremely smart, but they require an additional pat on the back to enhance their academic learning. They have to be pushed in that direction. Hence, what better way to attain that than to utilise the one thing they love the most: The iPad.

Chalkboard Math is a brilliant application that is used by many iPad users. It is for elementary students as it cultivates a strong sense of fondness for mathematics in them. This cultivation of interest in math makes them comfortable with mathematical operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division when they finally join primary school. Furthermore, since it’s a game-like application, children enjoy using it.

4.      Math and Science Tutor

Do you want to excel in school but you’re unable to do so despite all the arduous efforts? No worries! Bring Math and Science Tutor in your life and say goodbye to all your academic problems. There’s no denying that the quality of education facilitated in schools have dropped tremendously. The teachers are more interested in earning money rather than distributing and providing knowledge to students. They’re no longer pursuing teaching jobs for the sake of their passion which has hampered the understanding of students.

Furthermore, physics, calculus, probability & statistics, Algebra, Java Programming, etc. are complex subjects that need additional effort from the teacher’s end. When a student is deprived of that attention, they become desperate in regards to finding a tutor. However, private tutors are expensive, and not everyone has the privilege of hiring one.

But this is not the end of solutions. In these dark times, students can always rely on Math and Science Tutor – an app that offers detailed tutorials and a step-by-step guide to mathematical problems. This application offers video lessons to explain basic mathematical problems, differential equations, and even trigonometry.

It covers graphical knowledge and science experiments. Basically, it’s your go-to guide for everything related to science. Students can have access to 15,000+ courses and tutorials by subscribing to this app and it literally costs $19.99, which is quite frankly very affordable in today’s capitalistic world.

5. EduCalc Classic

EduCalc is not just any regular calculator. It features numerous activities that make academic life efficient and comfortable. This easy-to-use app has a scientific calculator that performs regular arithmetic functions like finding out the square root, cube root, absolute value, factorial number, modulus, bell curve, cumulative normal distribution, etc. In addition to this, it offers an expansive graphical knowledge.

From providing labelled graphs to solving graph parametric equations, this option is extremely exceptional. In fact, this isn’t the end of the list of features. This app helps in solving basic scientific calculations like the speed of light and the area of the earth surface, which are beneficial for physics theorems. Also, this app is incredible even if you’re struggling in statistics! Even if you need assistance in whisker’s plot optional regression line, this app will always be there for you in health and sickness, just like a beloved married partner.


Hence, as assistance is a basic human necessity, it doesn’t make one any less smart than the other. As a matter of fact, if help is available and you don’t benefit from it, then that makes your smartness questionable.


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